Jesus This Is For You (Bridge S 2249) 1973





Lauren Smith (male), Bonnie Letcher, and Steve Wallace are Take Three. Their first lp Jesus This Is For You is an exquisite collection of delicate mellow folk ballads in soothing three-part harmony. Imagine an album of songs along the lines of Peter Paul & Mary doing ‘500 Miles’ with backing only from acoustic guitar and upright bass and you’ll get the idea. ‘Born Again’, ‘Where I’m Bound’, ‘Thinkin’ Back’, ‘Jesus, The Spirit And Me’ and ‘Lilies’ are some of the most beautiful songs you’ll ever hear in this style. All twelve songs written by the group. Recorded at two different Seventh Day Adventist churches in northern California. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).






01. Born Again
02. Nothin’ Could Be Easier
03. Where I’m Bound
04. Thinkin’ Back
05. Jesus, The Spirit, And Me
06. Say Good-bye
07. The Road
08. Greetin’ Him With A Song
09. Wait For Me Jesus
10. Lillies
11. Is The Door Standing Open
12. Alleluia


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