Lift Up Your Hands (Timbrel TS-73-476) 1973



A review can be found in The Archivist by Ken Scott on page 60.

I’m back. When my DSL internet provider reached more than the price of cable I decided if I was going to have to pay cable prices I might as well have cable service. Which was a small portion of where I have been. I tried wireless for awhile but could not keep a reliable connection. There were two weeks where I could not check my email or your comments. I did update the comments as I was able to get a connection.

There were other issues most of which have been resolved but I am still having problems with my audio sound card.

I just discovered I don’t seem to have my last set of prepared posts so have started to try to redo them.

There were also so anxious times in my personal life most of them have been resolved or are in the process of resolution. I thank any and all who have been praying for me. The prayers were greatly appreciated.   diakoneo




01. Psalm 134
02. Come Taste the Beauty of the Lord
03. Behold What Manner of Love
04. Give Unto the Lord
05. Psalm 27:4
06. O Clap Your Hands
07. How Excellent is Thy Loving Kindness
08. If Ye Abide in Me
09. I Stretch Forth My Hands
10. The Lord’s Word
11. As A Lamb
12. The Sparrow
13. Song of the Harvest