Friends (Sounds Unlimited SUR 101) 1978



Accompanying her compositions with just acoustic guitar and sometimes piano, Cindy manages to capture that simple folk magic that made albums like Honeytree’s debut so appealing. Her homemade record features twelve of her songs. The selections with moody, solemn or melancholy edges like ‘Some Call Him’, ‘Friend’, ‘I’m Free’ and ‘Back To The Beginning’ are especially pretty. The three piano ballads are also quite beautiful, particularly the six-minute ‘He Cares Enough’. She’s also capable of whimsical moods, as on the brief ‘Great Big Hole’. Nice voice, nice playing, nice songwriting. She’s from Sherrodsville, Ohio. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I Am A Servant3:55
1-2Long Road To Heaven2:46
1-3Some Call Him3:09
1-5Wedding Song5:01
2-1Great Big Hole1:47
2-2He Cares Enough5:57
2-3The Lord’s Alive2:35
2-4I Love You4:01
2-5I’m Free3:53
2-6Back To The Beginning4:18