Growing (Airborn ARP AR 509) 1976?











Another set from Bill, Ron and the gang using more or less the same formula. They pay tribute to The Way by doing three of their songs: ‘You’re Caught In A World’, ‘Son Come Out’ and ‘Come On Down’. A few solo and small-group performances, including James Taylor’s ‘You Can Close Your Eyes’, Torn Paxton’s ‘Forest Lawn’ and a female-vocal piano-backed original called ‘The People Below’. Also covers of Jim Croce (‘I’ve Got A Name’), Love Song (‘Love Song’) and Chicago (‘I’ve Been Searchin’ So Long’). Better than your usual large-group effort, helped along by decent song selection and periodic guitar solos. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This group of 27 is from Lexington, KY. They also released the 1975? album “Everyone Needs” on the Airborn label.  Iam changing the recent 2nd posting of this album to the second album by this group.













Thank you Donald for catching the second posting of this album.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I've Got A Name3:08
1-2You Can Close Your Eyes2:21
1-3You're Caught in a World3:39
1-4The People Below3:43
1-5Son Come Out3:10
1-6Love Song2:07
2-2Forest Lawn3:25
2-3Come On Down3:32
2-4He Is Alive2:18
2-5Nobody Wanted Him2:21
2-6Get Together2:47