Play It Maestro (Prim 570.580) 1979  Sweden *


In the early 1980s the Lamb & Lion label attempted to expose this unusual Swedish lp to the American market. Apparently it must have flopped in a big way – I seem to remember every Odd Lots store in Ohio ending up with about one million copies each. Pity because it’s a fairly interesting attempt at a progressive jazz-rock fusion style. Solid electric guitar with occasional blues-rock influences, especially ‘Big City Blues’ and ‘The Beast And The King’ (the latter sounding a little like fellow countrymen Vatten). The synthesizer, piano and violin leads give a couple faint impressions of artists like Chick Corea/Return To Forever and Jean Luc Ponty. Curious titles like ‘Queen Of Nothing’, ‘Unborn Child’, ‘Life Is Not A Passing Dream’ and ‘I Was Walking Through The Gardens Of The Night’. Some of the slower plodding tracks can be difficult to approach on first listen, but overall Play It Maestro stands as a rather singular expression in Christian music. This original 1979 Swedish press (sung in English) is the same recording as the US version, though it comes in a much classier gatefold cover. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Function - Prim (In Lt)

Function - Prim (In Rt)

Function - Prim (Bck)


Thank you George for the front and rear cover photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Queen of Nothing5:03
1-2Unborn Child5:10
1-3Big City Blues4:48
1-4Play It Maestro5:54
2-1Life is not a Passing Dream6:32
2-2The Old Man’s Word3:05
2-3The Beast and The King4:11
2-4I Was Walking Through the Gardens of the Night2:35
2-5The King is Alive5:09