Communion Muse (NALR 31607/8) 1973



Subtitled “Folk-rock Prayers For Celebrating”, Communion Muze leaves the simple acoustic medium behind, exchanging it for a fresh cutting-edge electric sound that blends folk with rock rhythms and dreamy pop overtones, much like the best of the early Avant Garde catalog. Seriously, listen to psych-edged rockers like ‘Uncertain Ride’ and the bustling ‘It’s All Right’ and tell me she doesn’t deserve a seat right next to John Ylvisaker. Appealing basement folk/folk-rock warmth throughout, enhanced with flute, organ, harmonica, drums and lead electric guitar. Moody touches of wah-wah and echoey electric guitar add subtle trippy edges to ‘Migrant’ and the title track, while ‘Pardon Me’ benefits from some nice bluesy electric guitar soloing. Other selections like ‘When It’s Time’, ‘Winter’ and the solemn ‘We Come to Your Table’ settle into purely acoustic moods. Definitely not your usual nun thing, nor does it sound particularly Catholic for that matter. Easily the best album on the NALR label (and most likely the rarest), as well as one of your overall top Christian female productions. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



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Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Communion Muse 2:45
1-3Migrant 2:20
1-4When It's Time 2:40
1-5Pardon Me 2:35
1-6Uncertain Tide 2:55
2-1It's All Right 3:23
2-2We Come To Your Table 1:30
2-3Psalm 83 3:00
2-4Winter 3:25
2-5Peace Be To You
2-6Our Father 1:20