Another Week To Go (Inter-Varsity LPS-02498) 1967?


Original front


Herald Label cover

Not only is this independent production one of the earliest Jesus music lps, it’s also one of the very few with consistently strong song-writing, arrangements and production from start to finish. Jonathan hails from London, Charles from Virginia, but together the sound is solidly UK, mastering the ‘60s folk/pop style of other duos like Peter & Gordon and Chad & Jeremy. Strong organ presence throughout, enchanting acoustic guitars, floating flutes, phased electric guitar, confident drum beats – it definitely has that fragile dreamy dated psych-edged sound that makes collectors like me flock to it. All original material, ranging from the delicate ethereal ‘Like A Lonely Street Lamp’ to the melodic optimism of ‘Songs In The Daytime’ to the artful ‘Mrs. Chisolm’s Weekend’ to the jangly upbeat ‘Loves You Too’ to the soft melancholy tug of ‘You Call Me A Fanatic’. Love those psychy electric guitar flourishes on ‘Jesus Was A Pretty Good Guy’. Every song has a freshness and vitality rarely heard in the early Christian music scene. Certainly oughta put a smile on those longing for that British invasion sound. Two different versions exist: one has ‘Colors & Shades’ as the second song on side two, the other ‘Why’ to the tune of ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’. Collectors will want to seek out both pressings. Later released on the Herald label in Britain. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Original rear cover with the “Why” song.


Original rear cover with the “Colors & Shades” replacement song


Herald label rear cover


There are two versions of this album, one has the 8th song as ‘Why’ and the other ‘Colors and Shades’.

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Thank you George for both the front and rear cover photos. Thank you Donald for the Hearld Label front and rear photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Mrs Chisholm’s Weekend2:16
1-2Like A Lonely Street Lamp2:28
1-3Songs In The Daytime1:46
1-4Weary And Worn2:47
1-5What Would You Say2:47
1-6Loves You Too2:43
2-1Jesus Was A Pretty Good Guy2:37
2-2Why or Colors and Shades2:59
2-3Everythings The Same2:37
2-4Wake Up One Morning2:25
2-5You Call Me A Fanatic2:17

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