More Songs & Hymns From The Polka Mass (Sound 80  1370S) 1976



This is in The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition see page 309 for the rewiew under Weird Stuff. When I saw this and purchased it I thought this is something I’m not going to like. In fact both albums sat there waiting to be digitized for the longest time. Boy was I wrong. Don’t be scared of this, this is a fun album too.





01. Serdeczna Matko (Beloved Mother)
02. The Angelus
03. In My Heart
04. Above The Mountain
05. Glory, Glory
06. Let Great Hosannas Ring
07. We Praise The Lord Again
08. Let The Son Shine In
09. Cheek To Cheek (Instrumental)
10. Pecon’s Polka (Instrumental)
11. Hawaiian Polka (Instrumental)

I also added the insert to The Polka Mass album.