Turning To You (Face To Face/Acorn FTF 1000/AC 001) 1978  UK *



Wholesome folky mellow rock from British co-ed outfit with harmonies and musical mix similar to Nutshell.  Piano and Fender Rhodes, After The Fire’s Peter Banks on organ and synthesizer, acoustic guitar, electric guitar leads, some light string arrangements.  Those drawn to the charm  of ’70s UK folk outfits will enjoy quite-natured songs like ‘The Wedding’, ‘New Day’, ‘Babylon’ and ‘He Is Love’.  Nice funk-rock groove on ‘Love Like An Ocean’.  Standout track is ‘Lord of Majesty’, a dynamic progressive rocker led by rousing electric guitar and Banks’ recognizable ATF-styled keyboards.  Eleven originals plus Graham Kendrick’s ‘In Your Way’.  Same Small label as Corban’s A Break In The Clouds.        (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Turning To You3:10
1-2Love Like An Ocean4:08
1-3The Wedding4:37
1-4Jesus Said2:28
1-5New Day3:42
2-1Face To Face3:13
2-2Peter's Song4:39
2-3He's Coming Back3:02
2-4In Your Way2:50
2-5Lord Of Majesty4:47
2-6He Is Love4:48