This Our Sacrifice of Praise (Dovetail  DOVE 4)  1970  UK *





Seven-person British male/female progressive folk outfit scoring one of the top releases for the Dovetail label (as well as UK folk in general). Very dreamy, moody production replete with seagull sounds, babbling brooks, soaring mellotron, flute, auto-harp, soft organ, electric guitar — all against a beautiful landscape of acoustic guitar work and haunting ethereal femme vocals. Stirring titles like ‘The Earth Is The Lord’s’, ‘To Thy Holy Name’, ‘The Lord Has Done Great Things For Us’, ‘Let Us Thank The Lord’, ‘The Shepherd’ and ‘By The Waters Of Babylon’, all with lyrics inspired by the book of Psalms. A couple of cuts are more up-tempo, such as ‘Hallelujah Jesus’ (midway through the song the music stops for an elderly British woman to state: “It’s a noisy hymn. I only hope it will get over to the non-believers”). ‘Praise The Lord!’ is the other example, a superb high-energy electric folk-rock track. For the most part, though, it’s the ballads that are the winners here. Housed in a lovely snowflake cover. Turn the lights out, crank it up, and sail away. See also Live At Spree Album and Yesterday Today Forever.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







01. Earth Is The Loud
02. To Thy Holy Name
03. The Lord Has Done Great Things For Us
04. Hallelujah Jesus
05. Let Us Thank The Lord
06. Praise The Lord
07. By The Waters Of Babylon
08. The Musical Box Song
09. Trust In The Lord
10 – Shepherd

Can be found here. look for the link, it’s there.