Did You Hear The Good News? (no label, no number) 1978?







St Ignatius - Did (Fnt)






Songs by Paul Quinlan, Carey Landry, Ray Repp, Robert Blue, Sebastian Temple, Sr. Marianne Misetich (of The Nun-Plus), Sydney Carter, Jack Miffleton and others are given faithful treatment on this two-album set by the fourteen-member St. Ignatius Folk Group. Sounds more like a small group than an ensemble, plus there are no annoying youth-y vibes to spoil the music. Simple to-the-point arrangements backed by both acoustic and electric guitars, occasional percussion, fronted by male/female harmonies. Twenty-four selections in all. I think they’re from Oregon. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).






St Ignatius - Did (In Lt)



St Ignatius - Did (In Rt)



St Ignatius - Did (Bck)




Thank you Donald for the improved front and rear covers and the inside gate-fold photos.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1House of the Lord3:02
1-2Here is Your God2:25
1-3How Can You Really Care3:20
1-4Pardon Your People3:22
1-5Hear O Lord4:13
1-6The Resurrection3:23
2-1Precious Lord-You've Got a Friend5:39
2-2Prayer of St Francis2:20
2-3Fill My Cup, Lord2:23
2-4I Am the Resurrection2:59
2-5Give Me Your Hand4:02
2-6Sing to the Lord a New Song3:25
3-2Lord of the Dance2:56
3-3Comfort My People2:20
3-4Blessed are You Lord2:16
3-5Our Father2:06
3-6Ave Maria4:51
4-1Like a Deer in Winter4:42
4-2In the Beginning2:52
4-3The Spirit is A-movin2:54
4-4You are my Son4:00
4-5The Lord's Prayer2:54
4-6Sing to the Lord, Alleluia1:34