Plant A Seed (Ozark Records, no #) 1975?


Side 1 or the 1st 5 songs on this album are in a southern country rock format and there a a couple good ones in there. Side 2 learns more to the gospel side may not be to the liking of some but some good gospel here. Side one does even have some banjo mixed in. I really enjoyed this, a good mix between the two sides. See back cover for rest of instruments and artist. From Lebanon, MO   (Ozark Ken).




01. Plant A Seed
02. Brush Arbor Meeting
03. I Want to be Ready
04. Where the Soul Never Dies & Front Seat Back Seat
05. Heaven Bound
06. Before the Rocks Cry Out
07. Heaven for Me
08. When I Cross to the Other Side of Jordan
09. Light at the End of the Darkness
10. Burdens Lifted at Calvary