What Return Can I Make? (ACS 5276) 1979












Rhode Island girl’s home-made album of twelve folk originals presented with a melodic combination of acoustic guitars, flute and piano. Catholic apparently – she has a few initials after her name and ties to the Association Of Contemplative Sisters. Several tracks have that pleasant female folk-singer vibe, with moods ranging from the upbeat ‘In Quest Of Wisdom’ to the beautiful somber ballad ‘Lord, How You Must Love Me’. Some like ‘The Lord Has Done Great Things For Us’ and ‘The Lord Is My Light And My Salvation’ bring in six fellow Sisters on backing vocals. Viola on a couple tracks, trumpet on another. Subtitled Songs From The Barrington Carmel. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)












Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Lord has Done Great Things for Us4:03
1-2The Sunshine of His Love2:20
1-3Jesus' Love2:07
1-4Lord How You Must Love Me3:15
1-5The Lord is My Light and My Salvation3:02
1-6Prayer for the Kingdom2:25
2-1Come to Me4:55
2-2In Quest of Wisdom2:47
2-3A New Song2:25
2-4It is He3:12
2-5The Mary Song1:46
2-6What Return Can I Make3:08