A Pilgrim Son (Oaksprings 700) 1977






MARCUS – A Pilgrim Son – Oaksprings -Front




Marcus - Pilgrims (Folk Fnt)





Country, folk, rock, pop, lamentations, ragtime, bluegrass – Marcus Uzilevsky does it all on this commendable independent release. Rootsy at times in a Band/Dylan sort of way, with vocals halfway between Johnny Cash and John Ylvisaker. Marcus on guitar, typically joined by 6-7 other musicians on each track. Watch out for that growling electric guitar on the Johnny-B-Goode-ish ‘Holy Ghost Fire’. The swingin’ Dixieland number ‘I’m Born Again’ has a memorable line in “there’s Eldridge Cleaver and Chuck Colson, Jimmy Carter, too; they have found the new life, how about you?” Writes all his own stuff. Some of the other titles: ‘Blossom As The Rose’, ‘Come Back (Promise Of The Ages)’, ‘I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel’, ‘Bread Of Life’, ‘This Time (I’m Bound For Glory)’. A cohesive work, even with all the diverse styles. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).






Marcus Uzilevsky - Pilgrim (Oak Bck)


Marcus - pilgrims (Folk Bck)

Thank you Donald for the Folkways and Oaksprings  covers.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Blossom as the Rose3:07
1-2Without Love3:12
1-3Come Back3:17
1-5I'm Born Again3:00
1-6I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel2:53
2-1A Pilgrim Son2:18
2-2Bread of Life4:13
2-3Holy Ghost Fire2:37
2-4This Time2:40
2-5One Day at a Time3:06
2-6I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel-Reprise1:41