Men Of The Old Testament (FEL S-262) 1968



Meet The Prophets and The Prophets’ Dream are interesting artifacts, but much more listenable results can be found on Men Of The Old Testament, where the same fourteen songs are presented minus the narration, along with fuller arrangements and an overall more professional sound. The vocal aspects are more focused: less backup singers, less unison singing and more lead vocal opportunities for Montague, Pat Cunningham and John Balistreri. The guitars in general sound livelier, more varied, more distinct, plus there’s a bit of soloing going on. Harmonica, banjo, percussion, lively flute and the presence of a female backup singer also add life to the project, making for another very worthwhile FEL recording. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Prepare You for the Day!
02. What do you do
03. O Man You Have Been Told
04. What Can a Man Say
05. Down With Nineveh
06. If Only You’ll Answer Me
07. The Lord is Takin’ Us Home
08. Come and Rscue Me
09. Ezekiel
10. Rebuild the Temple
11. Jonah
12. The Day of the Lord
13. What You Gonna Do
14. The Dream of God