The Grand Arrival (Star Song SSR-0013) 1979


I’m not entirely sure this is the same guy, as this album has a completely different style. The Grand Arrival has more the sound of standard big-label ccm productions, although a couple glimmers of Star Song’s early adventurous spirit can be detected on selections like the moody ‘Elohim’ (with artful synthesizer flourishes) and the friendly rocking Bryn Haworth title track. Elsewhere it’s stately orchestrated 12-string soft rock and guitar/piano ballads, same general neighborhood as maybe Bob Ayala. Includes a cover of ‘God And Man At Table Are Sat Down’, along with a number of originals written by Craig. Craig on acoustic guitar and harmonica, assisted by additional musicians and backup singers. Released several more albums in the ‘80s and ‘90s. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. (There Is) Rest In Him
02. Imitation Of Christ
03. Elohim
04. He Is Risen
05. Glory To The Father
06. The Grand Arrival
07. The Sparrow
08. You Are My God
09. Help Me Remember
10. God And Man At The Table Are Sat Down

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