The Spirit Is A-Movin’! (W C Knapp LPS 31870) 1970?








Carey Landry - Spirit (WH NALR Fnt)







Here’s one of those early ones. Originally a custom release, then picked up by the NALR label (I’ve seen at least three different covers for it). For a simple-and-pure acoustic-guitar-and-bass folk lp this is quite good. Very passionate performance including a very lyrical female backup singer in the higher register. Some nice bongo accompaniment on the lively minor-key ‘Come, Let Us Go’. Lengthy lp with 12 songs – the titles that appeared on Great Things Happen are different recordings. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).








Carey Landry - The (Yl Bck)


Carey Landry - Spirit (WH NALR Bck)








Thank you Donald for the NALR front and rear cover as well as the yellow rearcover.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Spirit is A-Movin3:40
1-2Shout Joyfully2:55
1-4Men of Faith3:50
1-5What Would You Have Us Do3:20
1-6Come, Let Us Go3:00
2-1Come Follow Me3:45
2-2Praise, Lord!3:30
2-3Pardon Your People3:15
2-4Come, Holy Spirit2:45
2-5Where Two or Three3:05
2-6Stay With Us3:00