If We Saw Him (World Library FR-7523) 1975



As this label and Catholic music in general started moving away from simple folk music, some albums began putting more pop instrumentation into the mix. Folksinger, composer and guitarist Angel Tucciarone started out in the early days as head of the large folk group The Harmony Sun (see entry). By the time of If We Saw Him piano, trumpets, cello and flute were all in the arrangements, yet with enough restraint to keep the lp from becoming over-polished ccm. The overall spirit of the music is similar to that of Pam Mark Hall, Karen Lafferty or Becky Ugartechea. And that’s just fine. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Celebrate Life
02. Somethin’ Happened Today
03. He is Here Among Us
04. Prayer to Our Father
05. O Lord
06. Be Aware
07. If We Saw Him
08. Peace to All
09. Promise of Salvation
10. When We Eat This Bread
11. Hosanna in the Highest
12. Unites Us All Together as One