Crosswalk (Paraclete JN1607-01) 1977



Classy independent rock release by multi-instrumentalist who juggles such keyboards as Hammond and Yamaha organs, Moog, synthesizers, electric piano, clavinet, not to mention guitars and percussion. Songs tend toward the long side striking middle ground between Keith Green-type Jesus music and progressive rock. If parts like sound like ancient Petra (the Come And Join Us era) that’s because old-time member Greg Hough handles the lead chops. Got to love the humorous ‘Theopsychosophy Blues’. Intriguing in a different way is the ambitious 11-minute jazzrock opus ‘Under Your Hands’, much of which was improvised live in the studio. Well above the norm in the male solo department. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)




01 – Anthem
02 – Glory In This
03 – Theopsychosopy Blues
04 – Let God Arise
05 – So Much Joy
06 – Crosswalk
07 – Under Your Hands