This Little Light Of Mine (Rite 22825/6) 1968



Tedd Browne - This (In Lft)



Black Catholic folk-singer doing covers of ‘St. Francis’ Prayer’, ‘I’m On My Way’, ‘De Colores’ and the title tune along with many of his own selections. Browne’s voice is pleasantly gentle and low with a mild husky quality. He introduces each song with a brief narration. There’s a simple authentic feel here from the acoustic guitars, bass, and bongos – the kind of sound you might hear on FEL albums of the same era. ‘The Devil Song’, ‘Lift Up Your Voice’, ‘I Wanna Be Ready’, ‘A Mother’s Prayer’ and ‘An Evening Meditation’ are some of his self-penned titles. Also a couple Mary songs. A custom recording from the Cleveland Cursillo Center. Says here that he’s done other albums including one on the life of LBJ. Browne was killed by a gunshot while stopped at a traffic light in 1968. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


Tedd Browne - This (In Rt)



Tedd Browne - This (Bck)




01, This Little Light Of Mine
02. An Evening Meditation
03. The Devil Song
04. A Mother’s Prayer
05. Lift Up Your Voice
06. Hail Mary

07. On My Way
08. St. Francis’ Prayer
09. I Want To Be Ready
10.De Colores
11. Adios, O Virgen
12.This Little Light Of Mine



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Accompanied by Frank Falcone, guitar, Joe Riola, bongos.

Gospel/folk album produced by The Cleveland Cursillo Center.

Tedd Browne was born in South Carolina in the 20s. He was killed in July 1968 in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. He recorded six other albums on Jubilee, NRC, Capo, and Garnett.
One of the two albums on the Garnett label is titled “L.B.J. Musical portrait”. The album depicts in song the life of President Johnson.

While that subject matter might seem odd by today’s standards, it is said that in the context of the ’60s, LBJ was at the very least perceived as sympathetic to the ideals of the Civil Rights era, and was embraced by many in the black community.

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And, just in case you are wondering… Cursillo is a christian movement which was founded in Spain in 1949.


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In 1961, Tedd came to Cleveland, Ohio, where he lived until his death with his wife, Inez, and their three children, David, Michael and Christopher.  On July 27, 1968 Tedd Browne was killed by a bullet fired from the gun of racist Richard Robinson as he brought his car to a stop at a traffic light in Cleveland Heights, a suburb of Cleveland.  The events and circumstances surrounding his death clearly disclose that he was the innocent victim of unprovoked violence.  His tragic death brought to a close the career of a gifted artist.   He was a gentle man who lived to bring joy and brotherhood to the hearts of all men.  Tedd Browne was a man who cared about all people, loved God and radiated that joy and strength to all within the sound of his voice.  All who knew him felt graced by his presence and will never forget him.  There will never be another Tedd Browne.