Faith Harvest (His Way HW 120) 1970


Another Sonrise, this one a three-guy two-girl outfit from Nebraska They’ve put together a charming record here, alternating gentle acoustic folk with soft electric folkrock, sometimes reflecting the warmth of groups like Suncast. Steel guitar brings a light pastoral air to a few songs including the jangly ‘Just Imagine’ and the acoustic ballad ‘Heaven’s Tears’, while electric guitar leads provide an edge to ‘Jesus’ and ‘Goin’ Home’. Some cordial banjo picking on the brisk lighthearted ‘Soap Song’. Graceful piano backing on a couple songs, including ‘Symphony’. ‘Creation Song’ is a beautiful minor-key acoustic ballad that’s elegantly enhanced with oboe. Attractive vocals highlighted by some angelic female harmonies. Nice cover painting of old harvesting equipment in a field. A custom record from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Faith Harvest

02. Jesus

03. Symphony

04. Reach Out

05. Just Imagine

06. Soap Song

07. Heaven’s Tears

08. Creation Song

09. The Old Man

10. Goin’ Home

11. Snow