Living Waters (no label LP 82172) 1974?



She’s a nun and she’s got a guitar and she writes and sings in a very pretty melancholy style. Eleven songs with titles like ‘Come To The Father’, ‘Abraham’, ‘Hungry For God’, ‘Born As A Beggar’ and ‘Woman Of The Word’. It says on the back that she calls her guitar “Christian”. Eye-catching primitive black and white cover art. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – Come To The Father
02 – Abraham
03 – Don’t Say No!
04 – Hungry For God
05 – For You, With Love (Paul’s Prayer For The Ephesians)
06 – Born As A Beggar
07 – The Light Song
08 – This Is What We Heard
09 – Thank You Song
10 – Woman Of The Word
11 – How Can I Love You…