Rainbows (Lamb Music LM LP 1) 1977  New Zealand *



There are some neat songs on this album, even if they were written for the little ones. I think this demonstrates another global component of the “Jesus Music” period. That again it crossed all genre of music and was global as this represents music to touch the hearts of all of God’s children. This was not a uniquely American phenomenon this was truly a global happening.   diakoneo




01. Greet the sun
02. Rat a tat tat
03. Lord make me sweet
04. Listen to the rain
05. Skip a song for Jesus
06. Rainbows in the sky
07. Bless the lord Jesus
08. I’m feelin’ fine
09. Come to my Father’s house
10. The Lord is my shepherd
11. Celebrate
12. Holy Jesu
13. Our Father
14. For apples on trees
15. Can you feel His love
16. The blessing