Celebrate Life (Youth Ministry YM 101) 1972



Excellent later album that creates a stark sparkling beauty with just acoustic guitar, bass and Paul’s voice. Only six songs, together clocking in at around 30 minutes. The music often has a moody solemn quality, an engaging “loner folk” type of sound that’s enhanced by the skillful interplay between the two acoustic guitars (Norman Strassner is the second guitarist, as well as bassist). Titles are ‘Yahweh’, ‘Ocean’, ‘And We Know’, ‘Fertile Soil’, ‘Life Line’ and ‘Celebrate Life’. The songs collectively provide the listener with “a perspective to understand their journey, rather than giving the content of what the journey must be”. Gatefold cover, plus a large booklet with prose, lyrics and artwork, the latter from Paul’s wife Sherry. Produced by The Commission On Youth Ministry, Lutheran Church In America. Don’t confuse with a youth musical of the same name. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – Yahweh
02 – Ocean
03 – And We Know
04 – Fertile Soil
05 – Life Line
06 – Celebrate Life