Together With Him (Shamley SS 704) 1968?



Denver’s Moonrakers released several secular 45’s in the ‘60s, but this is their only album. Typical sounds of the times, this is organ heavy with fuzz lead guitar and strong drumming with a few horns thrown in. Add female background vocals on the r & b tracks. Some of the standouts here include the funky ‘Love Train’ and ‘Together with Him’, but the shining star is ‘Not Hiding Anymore’, an energetic tuneful song with a very strong chorus and some wailin’ fuzzy lead!! Though they appear on all of the tracks on the album, drummer Jerry Corbetta and lead guitarist Bob Webber would leave shortly to form Sugarloaf of ‘Green Eyed Lady’ fame. Social gospel spoken here lyrically. A neat color cover shot of the band on the steps of an altar in a church while a band shadow on stained glass graces the back.    BF (Bob Felberg) (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – Talk to the Soldier’s Son
02 – He Knows Why
03 – Not Hidin’ Anymore
04 – He’s a Comin’ My Lord
05 – The Pot Starts to Boil
06 – No Number to Call
07 – Look Outside at the Sun
08 – Take a Friend
09 – Love Train
10 – Find Me
11 – Together with Him