Yesterday’s Gone (Reprise R 6269) 1967



Their first commercial endeavor after being signed to Warner Brothers. Still a light Brothers Four kind of folk sound, though the addition of electric guitar, organ and percussion often provides a “beat” effect and gives faint glimpses of their future rock direction. A good deal of their own material here covering topics like poverty, peace and war, civil rights, plus renditions of Ian And Sylvia’s ‘Song For Canada’, Tom Paxton’s ‘HR 11000’ and the traditional ‘If I Had My Way’. Mary Travers guests on ‘No More Silence’. Back cover notes detail their work among the slums of St. Louis and guidance under Father Pat Berkery (who has a very bizarre album of his own worth seeking out). See also the entries under The Mission and The Mission Singers. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Yesterday’s Gone
02. No More Silence
03. Poor Man
04. There’ll Come a Day
05. As Youthful Hopes Grow Old
06. Sign in the Darkness
07. Freedom Rings (To Bernard Daniels)
08. Song for Canada
09. We Weren’t Worthy
10. H.R. 11,000
11. What It’s All About
12. If I Had My Way