Somehow I Always Knew (Aslan ARS 1002) 1976



You might recognize the name of this veteran folksinger from secular albums on labels such as Folkways and Elektra. 1976 found Spoelstra on the short-lived Christian label Aslan, home also to a pair of lps by Pam Mark Hall. As you might expect Somehow I Always Knew has a more seasoned and professional sound than a lot of Christian recordings. Nice earthy stripped-down ‘60s folk vibeSISTER IRENE O’CONNOR – Fire Of God’s Love/Songs To Ignite The Spirits with sharp acoustic country-blues jug-band-style picking. The only other instruments are bass and drums, plus one song with cello (‘Thomas The Twin’). Other titles include ‘Let’s Make A Melody’, ‘The Tongue’, ‘Playin’ With Fire’, ‘The Pickle Song’, ‘Gospel Trucker’, ‘Mary And The Master’, ‘Psalm 136’ (recorded live at Peninsula Bible Church) and ‘Livin’ In The Spirit’ (inspired by Leo Sayer’s ‘Long Tall Glasses’). Liner notes give special thanks to John Fischer who helped produce some of the sessions. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



01. Here It Is

02. Let’s Make A Melody

03. Psalm 136

04. Oh My Bride

05. The Tongue

06. Playin’ With Fire

07. The Pickle Song

08. Gospel Trucker

09. Mary And The Master

10. Thomas The Twin

11. Believer’s Rest

12. Livin’ In The Spirit

13. Somehow I Always Knew