Dashing Thru The Church (Fortress CSM 770) 1970?




While Dan McBride was twisting popular tunes into goofy little church ditties for the Baptist crowd, the Luther-Annes were providing a similar treat for their fellow Lutherans via piano-backed three-part harmony. When they’re hot these three middle-aged ladies can be quite the hoot. And even when they’re not they’re still pretty entertaining. Experience contorted butcherings of  ‘Old MacDonald’ (“with a moral here and a lesson there…”), ‘Up On The Housetop’ (“up in the pulpit, good and wise, hear our pastor sermonize”) and the ‘Jingle Bells’-derived title track. Twenty songs in all, with a broad range of topics that includes pot lucks, the tract rack, ecumenism, interns, the pastor’s hobbies, flooded church basements, benevolence and skylight condensation dripping onto the parishioners. Even unlikely selections like ‘The Air Force Song’ and ‘Mr. Touchdown USA’ get processed over into songs about ushers and the nursery. My personal fave is ‘The Pastor’s Schedule’ to the tune of ‘Finiculi Finicula’: “the schedule of a pastor is a beauty; his days are free… to flit and flee.” Brief quips from the group’s leader precede several of the selections. Groovy b&w cartoon cover of the trio scampering toward a happy-faced chapel (a variation exists with an orange background and a different photo on the back). From St. James Lutheran Church in Pitman, New Jersey. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – Dashing Through The Church
02 – The Choir
03 – Please – Not Down Front
04 – I Am the Very Model
05 – Building Fund
06 – Covered Dish Supper
07 – Tract Rack
08 – The Ushering Men
09 – Our Church is Very Fine
10 – Ecumenism
11 – Benevolence
12 – Fight Song
13 – The Church’s Foundation
14 – Drip Drip Drip
15 – Go Gently Young Pastors
16 – Beautiful Intern
17 – Wandering on the Links
18 – Up in the Pulpit
19 – The Pastor’s Schedule
20 – Executive Meetings