Just A Branch (Productions West RDC 73319) 1972




Like God Unlimited, Just A Branch proves that a folk ensemble can in fact deliver some very pretty music. Although their matching outfits don’t look too promising, this Washington group of twelve succeeds quite well with their melodic gliding mix of folk, pop and classical. Carried equally by piano and guitar, plus electric guitar, flute and violins, warm home-made vibes intact, highlighted by their delicate harmonies. Songs are all self-penned with charming melodies, my favorite title being ‘Supermarket Earth’. Several parts reminded me of Children Of The Day’s Where Else Would I Go or With All Our Love. Gate-fold cover with attractive tree illustration. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Just A Branch1:24
1-2For Me2:04
1-3And Yet He Still Loves Me4:53
1-4My God, All Praise To Thee3:50
1-5Jesus, My Lord4:10
2-1You Must Believe In The One2:22
2-2God Is Love2:18
2-3Supermarket Earth3:16
2-4 All For The Sake Of Me3:10
2-5Conformed To Him3:23
2-6Let Your Light So Shine2:25
2-7For Me, For You2:56