An Offering Of Songs (No label, no number) 1979



Catholic female folksinger’s stirring moody reflective set of originals songs. A stark yet enchanting minor-key mix of acoustic guitar, flute, bongo, the soft chime of a triangle, and delicate female vocal harmonies. ‘Eye Has Not Seen’, ‘Cradle Of The Heart’, ‘Justice Shall Flourish’ and ‘It Is With You That We Journey’ are a few of the twelve titles. Assisted by Kathleen Deignan, Mary Liguori and Gina Sader. Album title in calligraphy on brown sheet of paper, pasted onto a plain black cover. Smaller paste-on sheet for the back-cover credits. Custom album from Connecticut. A very beautiful record. See also Everlasting Sabbath. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



A special thank you to Steven for cleaning up the front cover.


01. We Praise Your Name
02. Eye Has Not Seen
03. Father, the Hour Has Come
04. Do Not Forget
05. My Father Works
06. Look, Your God is Coming
07. Your Right Hand
08. Cradle of the Heart
09. Justice Shall Flourish
10. It is With You That We Journey
11. Blessed Be the Lord
12. Who is the Shepherd

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