Open Your Heart (no label DS-100) 1968?






Dominican Sisters - Open (Fnt)







Seems like after the Medical Mission Sisters had their first couple albums, nuns were suddenly crawling out of the woodwork with their guitars, rhythm sections and genetically cloned harmonies. So how come they can’t ever sound like Janis Joplin? Oh well. These Sisters from Media, Pennsylvania sound more or less identical to the Medical Mission ones, and that means there’s some rather pretty stuff here. I see two acoustic guitars, a woodblock, bongos and a snare drum. All original songs, several written by director Sr. Mary Bertrand. Not sure of the date, though the back states the project was conceived in January of 1966. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).






Dominican Sisters - Open (Bck)






Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Open Your Heart
1-2And His Name Was John
1-3Mission Song
1-4Come Let Us go To Him
1-5The Retreat Song
1-6Farewell Song
2-1To Deum Laudamus
2-2Come To Me
2-3This Is a Wise Virgin
2-4Bless the Lord
2-5Hail Holy Queen
2-6O Light Of the Church