Ship Ahoy! (Harbor HLPS-107) 1970



At age seventeen Von Saum lost an arm and a leg in a motorcycle accident. Turning the “tragedy into a triumph”, the rather portly Saum assumed the new persona of Captain Hook and began preaching the Gospel story pirate style. This custom recording includes such children’s sing-alongs as ‘Pirate Theme Song’ and ‘Christian Pirates’. Hook also tells Bible stories with his wisecracking one-eyed dummy sidekick Sharkey who continually calls him Fatso. Very homemade cover photo featuring the gang dressed up and standing in a boat: Sharkey, the Captain (with his sword and genuine hook-hand), storyteller Mrs. Hook, and their three kids: Little Sea Swan, Fish Hook, and Tadpole (the last two with bandanas, eye patches and fake cheek scars). And lest you think this guy is just some two-bit nobody, the back cover has a letter bearing the imprimatur of none other than Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame. To quote the Colonel: “Lean back and take a good listen. It’s almost finger-lickin’ good!” (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)




01. Introduction
02. Pirate Theme Song
03. Sharkey’s Story (Jonah and the Whale)
04. Joy Joy Joy
05. Treasure Hunt
06. Sister Hook’s Story
07. Ship Ahoy
08. Christian Pirates
09. The Lord is my Shepherd
10. Little Red Riding Hood