Anchors Aweigh! (Get Hooked GH 126) 1976?



There’s just no keeping that Captain down. Highlights for this offering include a few rounds of “yo-ho yo-ho the Christian life for me!”, a phone call from the devil, and Sharkey’s twisted version of ‘Jesus Loves The Little Children’ (“red and yellow, white and green, you’re the fattest guy I’ve seen”). Free eye patch included. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Anchors Aweigh
02. Yo Ho, Yo Ho
03. The Orphan
04. Phone Call
05. Old Gospel Ship
06. Haven of Rest
07. Sharkey’s Prayer
08. Stowaway
09. Sharkey Sings
10. Treasure Hunt
11. Anchors Aweigh