Yesterday Today Forever (Carman LH-11163/4) 1974?


Soothing mellow sunshine pop gem from 4-girl 2-guy outfit.  Acoustic and electric guitars, piano, electric piano, pop horns and string orchestration meet up with melodies, airy male/female harmonies  and even a few subtle psych flourishes (check out the wah-wah electric guitar work decorating ‘So Deep’).  Several songs are imbrued with a fragile melancholy presence , especially ‘It Was All We Had’, ‘I, A House’ and ‘Life Is A Vapor’.  Other songs take the groovy up=up-and-away route (‘Can You See Clearly Now’) or bounce along to a happy carefree stroll (‘You Lord’).  ‘Tribute To Helen’ is a stirring song about Helen Keller that opens with a spoken poem.  Love the trippy harpsichord  on the closing ‘In Her Heart’  .  These folks possess a depth and warmth that’s seldom heard in Christian pop records.  Excellent  production for a private press.  Should appeal to fans of groups like Newbury Park and the Free Design.  Nine original songs (all written by member Ron Overman), plus a cover of Karren Lafferty’s ‘Seek Ye First’.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



01. We have come to sing
02. All He had to offer
03. So deep
04. I, A house
05. Can you see clearly now
06. You Lord
07. Tribute to Helen
08. Life is a vapor & seek ye first
09. In her heart