Ye Olde London Bus (Musical Gospel Outreach no #) 1975 UK *





Mentioned in Paul Baker’s book Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music? Subtitled: Jesus Music- Where It Began, Where It Is, And Where It Is Going, copyright 1979 Does anyone have the albums by Lois Buckley, Gwen Murray, Elim Singers or Choalerna? From the songs from the other artist albums I have settled on 1975 for a date as all the other albums are pre-1975 except one which was released in 1975. Both Lois and Gwen have albums listed in the Archivist while Elim Singers and Choralerna do not. This album is also not in the Archivist either.






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1LEN MAGEE - The Ark3:32
1-2KEVIN GOULD - Connecticut4:20
1-3CANAAN - Seek First The Kingdom Of God1:56
1-4LOIS BUCKLEY - My Jesus I Love Thee3:18
1-5ADVOCATES - You Are My Music3:44
2-1GWEN MURRAY - Let My Light Shine3:45
2-2ELIM SINGERS - The Presence Of Your Spirit3:31
2-311:59 - The Lord Has Done Great Things For Us3:34
2-4CHORALERNA - It Won’t Be Long3:13
2-5GRAHAM KENDRICK - How Much Do You Think You Are Worth3:55