Love Knows No Season (GIA M/S-136) 1970?


In my opinion Love Knows No Season has even more magical moments than the respected Ride On album. ‘Break Open’, ‘Come Holy Spirit’ and the eerie title song stand among the group’s most beautiful ballads, all underscored with velvety guitar work and vibrant with their trademark haunting harmonies (Jan Ward’s solo vocals are especially captivating). Nothing as heavy as Ride On’s title track, but still definitely gets hip in a trippy folk-rock way on ‘Leaves A Fallin’, ‘The New Morn’, ‘Getting High On Love’ and the garagy electric jangler ‘Sing A New Song’. Belt’s saxophone turns up a few times, and there are single appearances of harmonica and recorder. My personal favorite album from the God Unlimited catalog. All of the group’s first three albums are brimming with charm and have enough timely edge and moody psych ambience to draw in those who normally wouldn’t tune in to a folk-rock lp. Can you tell I like them? (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


God Unlimited - Love (Bck)


Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Break Open4:05
1-2Leaves A Fallin’2:43
1-3The Silent Night3:55
1-4The New Morn2:17
1-6God Unlimited
2-1Come Holy Spirit
2-3Getting High On Love
2-4Trouble Lord
2-5Love Knows No Season
2-6Sing A New Song