At Home (no label R-2886) 1974



An outreach of North Carolina’s Baptist State Convention, this college-age male/female group of five recorded this commendable album of simple relaxed folk tunes. Not quite the charm of Gamble Folk or Take Three but same general vicinity as far as style. Material ranges from jangly to moody to country-minded, nice harmonies backed usually by just acoustic guitars and bass, with tambourine, recorder and glockenspiel also making appearances. Includes ‘River Of Jordan’, Noel Paul Stookey’s ‘Hymn’ and an especially lovely cover of ‘By My Side’ from the musical Godspell. Sez they logged over 100 North Carolina concerts in the summer of 1974. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. River of Jordan
02. Hymn
03. Lay it down
04. Look at me
05. Come the fall
06. Baby baby
07. We need rain
08. Ladyfriends
09. By my side
10. Friends
11. Live Your Life In Me