For His Glorious Majesty (Greentree R3710) 1980

















Revelation appears to have heavily borrowed their sound from 2nd Chapter Of Acts, joining that group’s lively pop-rock style with occasional disco and artsy flourishes. And they don’t do a half-bad job at it either. The female-dominated harmonies, the Matthew Ward factor, the Keaggy-esque electric guitar fills, the symphonic strings – they’ve got it all down to a tee. Clean polished production with a robust keyboard presence, including piano, Hammond organ, clavinette, electric piano, Prophet Five synthesizer, Arp Omni and Odyssey. The title track is probably the most intriguing selection, a creative piece that draws obvious inspiration from the Bach-derived Apollo 100 hit ‘Joy’. ‘Resurrection Power’ is another high-powered one, opening the album with a driving disco beat. Several of the songs sound like they could be lost tracks from 2nd Chapter’s Mansion Builder or Roar Of Love era. Still some sections where the MOR and gospel angles takes over, but overall far better than I expected from the Greentree label. Nice cover art, too. Credits include Hadley Hockensmith, Richard Souther and Shane Keister. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).














Thank you Carolyn for providing the names of the group members, as well as a link to her web page where you can find this album and her solo CD’s. You can find this album here.





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Resurrection Power
1-2 I Can See So Much Clearer
1-3Forever Settled
1-4And He's Ever Interceding
1-5The Lord Will Go Before You
2-1For His Glorious Majesty
2-2Psalm 103
2-3King Of Kings
2-4Give You Rest
2-5Follow Him