Damascus Road (TeleKETICS 9155) 1977



Armed with guitars and collars this priestly male foursome sports the same look as groups like The Mission or The Dameans. Musically they’re closer to the latter with their melodic Catholic folk-pop sound. Selections alternate between moving acoustic ballads and catchy bright tunes with a light beat. Acoustic guitar, piano, bass and drums are the primary instruments, plus occasional electric guitar and synth strings. Includes a cover of Randy Matthews’ ‘Didn’t He’. I like these guys. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Come Fill My World
02. Pat
03. Russian Alleluia
04. Peace My Brothers
05. Another Mountain
06. Prodigal Son
07. The Lord Has Come
08. A Child Is Born
09. Didn’t He
10. Someday