Let The Sunshine In (Corner Stone MT-112 LP) 1966















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Marcy - Let (Bck)








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Song #Song TitleTime
1-01Let The Sunshine In
1-02Precious Jewels
1-03Isn't It Grand To Be A Christian
1-04Living On The Mountain
1-05Walking With The King
1-06Praise Ye The Lord
1-07Wake Up
1-08I'm Saved
1-09'Tis Simple As Can Be
1-10God Has Blotted Them Out
2-01It's Morning Again
2-02Wonderful Words Of Life
2-03My Sins Rose As High As The Mountain
2-04Bring Them In
2-05Kiddies With The Curl On Top
2-07I'm Happy
2-08Writing All The Time
2-09Let The Beauty Of Jesus Be Seen In Me
2-10A Little Talk With Jesus