Happy Day Express (Corner Stone MT-111 LP) 1966?








Marcy - Happy (Fnt)








The way the story goes is that Marcy Tigner wanted to be a gospel singer but her vocals were just too darn high and squeaky. The solution? Transfer that voice into the persona of a little girl: a ventriloquist’s dummy with the name Little Marcy. Imagine a singer halfway between Shirley Temple and Betty Boop doing children’s tunes and you’re close to savoring a Little Marcy moment. And how could she lose with titles like ‘Climb Climb Up Sunshine Mountain’, ‘I’ll Be A Sunbeam Bright’, ‘Put A Great Big Glowing Smile On Your Face’ and my personal favorite ‘When Mr. Satan Knocks At My Heart’s Door’. The actual dummy was fashioned by the same person who designed Mortimer Snerd and Charlie McCarthy. Personally I find her a little scary looking, like she could easily dart out of the shadows with a butcher knife on a Twilight Zone episode. Apparently she must have been quite a hit at the time as the sheer volume of recorded output over the years is astounding. On the earlier albums she’s billed simply as Marcy. The music is sure to be chalk on the blackboard to some if not most people over the age of say seven. But those of us who have been to the mountain know better – and we’ve come back with our eyes wide open, a big ear-to-ear grin, and a potentially ridiculous little song in our hearts. I suppose given the right mood you could get the same effect by listening to any number of children’s records, but I dunno, there seems to be something special here that’s strikingly odd and unique to the ears, yet at the same time wholly sincere. Others would seem to agree as she’s amassed a small cult following among collectors into the whole Incredibly Strange Music scene, appearing in books, articles and on CD compilations. Even Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys has Little Marcy albums! Go for the earliest records first as some of the later ones can be rather bland. Completists should be aware that some of these albums were released on multiple labels with different from covers. And for the truly obsessed you can try and track down an actual Little Marcy doll that was available via mail order. Plush all those so—called cutting-edge standards down the commode and get on the Little Marcy bandwagon today! (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).










Marcy - Happy (Bck)








I have not acquired this album yet. Thank you Donald for the front and rear cover photos.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-01Jesus Loves Me 2:56
1-02I Have The Joy, Joy, Joy 1:17
1-03Down In The Dumps 1:02
1-04I'll Be A Sunbeam 1:10
1-05Birds Upon The Tree Top 1:02
1-06Dare To Be Daniel 0:48
1-07Onward Christian Soldiers 1:04
1-08Happy All The Time 1:10
1-09Behold, Behold0:49
1-10Climb, Climb, Up Sunshine Mountain 1:20
1-11If We All Pull Together1:20
1-12Jesus Bids Us Shine 0:54
2-01One Door And Only One 0:45
2-02This Little Light Of Mine 1:28
2-03Jesus Loves Even Me 0:59
2-04Jesus Loves The Little Children 1:04
2-05If You Really Love Him 1:30
2-06Happy Day Express 1:20
2-07One, Two, Three 0:48
2-08Oh Be Careful 2:10
2-09Saved Every Day Of The Week 1:07
2-10The B-I-B-L-E 1:30
2-11Mine, Mine, Mine 1:02
2-12Whisper A Prayer 1:17