Come, My Beloved (Eagle Creek ERC3) 1978 Canada *




Moving set of acoustic songs from five-guy five-girl Canadian folk outfit featuring warm harmonies accompanied by acoustic guitars and soft background organ. Mostly original songs, plus covers of the St. Louis Jesuits (‘You Are Near’) and The Word Of God (‘Isaiah 43’, ‘Consider The Lilies’). ‘Hymn Of The Beatitudes’, ‘Blue Ridge Mountains’ and ‘Psalm 65 (Blessed Be God)’ are some of the self-written titles. A few distant suggestions of artists like Ellis & Lynch, God Unlimited and The Medical Mission Sisters. Some pleasant solo vocals as well. Eleven stirring delicate songs that touch the heart, making for another quality entry in the ‘70s melodic Catholic folk catalog. Custom recording from the Love Of God Christian Community in Regina, Saskatchewan. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. Hallelujah my father
02. Hymn of the beatitudes
03. Isaiah 43
04. Consider the lilies
05. You are my chosen ones
06. Our father
07. You are near
08. Blue ridge mountains
09. Psalm 65 blessed be God
10. Psalm 24
11. Jeremiah 31