The Way In (GIA M/S-129) 1968



Keyhole was part of a coffeehouse ministry in Houston Texas called The Way In. Armed with guitars, bass, banjo, and tambourine, they’re just the kind of folk ensemble you’d expect to see heading up a youth worship service (which is probably exactly what they did at Houston’s Church Of The Redeemer). The music is certainly straightforward, often sung in unison and devoid of instrumental solos – a format that would probably be pretty bland were it not for their proficient playing, nice voices, and good harmonization, all of which make you want to join in. They do renditions of songs by Ray Repp, Peter Scholtes, Carey Landry, Paul Quinlan, some spirituals, but mostly their own compositions. Room In The In is somewhat different from the others. Described as “Christmas Folk Art music”, it is a deeply moody and solemn work with greater emphasis on composer and lead singer Mimi Armstrong’s somewhat operatic voice. By the time of Sweet Jesus they had matured considerably. The group eventually evolved into The Fisherfolk. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – Like The Wind
02 – To Be Redeemed
03 – What A Great Thing Is This
04 – Ho Everyone That Thirsteth
05 – If I Had All The World’s Money
06 – The Spirit Is A-Movin’
07 – I Am The Resurrection And The Life
08 – They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love
09 – My Lover And My Master
10 – I Will Arise
11 – Ye Were Sometimes Darkness
12 – Bless Thou The Lord O My Soul
13 – My Beloved
14 – My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord

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