Covenant (World Library 7786) 1979


I first heard this Catholic songwriter on the lovely male/female folk custom Sonday (see entry). Although the group Sonday is still involved on this bigger budget recording, the addition of strings, horns, keyboards, electric guitar and woodwinds have converted much of the music into pop/easy-listening praise. Still found a few stirring moments on slow solemn pieces like ‘Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place’, ‘I Long For You’ and ‘Draw Me To You’. Some of these songs are re-done from the Sonday lp. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01. This is the day
02. Lovely is your dwelling place
03. Come let us sing
04. I long for you
05. How I rejoiced
06. Draw me to you
07. A song to the Lord
08. Nothing shall ever come between us
09. Prepare the way
10. Be still Jerusalem