Gwen Murray (Dovetail DOVE 15) 1975 UK *



Similar easy-going folk/pop style for Gwen’s debut, albeit without as much country influence. A couple mellow traditional songs, make up for by faithful covers of Ismael’s ‘The Sixth Virgin (Parable Of The Ten)’ and Water Into Wine Band’s ‘Stranger In The World’. John Pantry on keyboards, Andy Piercy on acoustic guitar. Gwen was also backing vocalist on Len Magee’s early Dovetail lps – in fact her music here is very similar to Len’s. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)

A special thank you to Gwen for providing the cover pics and permission to post.

Sorry folks have been sick now 3 days, still don’t feel the greatest but maybe can get the basic here.




01. The Sixth Virgin (The Parable of the Ten)
02. You Must Be Born Again
03. Jesus How I Love You
04. The Way Of The Cross
05. I Am The Lord
06. To Be A Pilgrim
07. Take Up Your Cross
08. My Tribute
09. Stranger In The World
10. Let My Light Shine