All My Riches (Dovetail DOVE 39) 1976 UK *


Graceful collection of country folk/pop songs from young UK female singer/songwriter. Gwen often comes across as a British Emmylou Harris, particularly when she’s doing a cover of ‘One Of These Days’ or originals like ‘Adopted’ and ‘Jesus My Shepherd’. Lots of folksy mandolin in here (courtesy of Parchment’s John Pac), along with steel guitar from Gordon Huntly. After The Fire’s Andy Piercy is in here on acoustic guitar, plus Gwen does a version of his song ‘This Rolling Stone’. Lovely ethereal quality to ‘Trinity’. Seven of the ten songs were written by Gwen. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

Sorry folks have been sick now 3 days, still don’t feel the greatest but maybe can get the basic here.

Maybe someone can add or send me what I’m missing.




01. Going Home To Daddy
02. Love That I’m Trying To
03. Jesus My Shepherd
04. Bright Lights
05. Israel
06. One Of These Days
07. Ain’t It Good To Be A Christian
08. Trinity
09. This Rolling Stone
10 – Adopted