Living Epistles (Rite 33289/90) 1974?



Gospel Plow or Living Epistles: I can’t quite tell which is the name of the group and which is the album title. What I can tell you is it’s three guys plunking out fresh natural rural acoustic sounds with guitar, bass, banjo and harmonica. Much of the album consists of acoustic ballads with an early Mark Heard On Turning To Dust vibe, including ‘Jesus On My Side’, ‘Another Mornin’ On The Road’, ‘Wouldn’t Go Back’, ‘Parable Of The Sower’, ‘Message To A Stranger’ and ‘Prodigal Son’. Other songs like ‘Devil’s Train’ have the unplugged country-rock feel of bands like Pure Prairie League, crossing over into bluegrass for ‘Jesus Sure Changed Me’. Favorite title: ‘Do You Think The World Is Up A Crick?’ The harmonica brings a wistful sitting-by-the-campfire mood to several of the songs. Seriously long hair for one of the guys. Recorded in Burlington, North Carolina. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).



Thank you Ken for the updated pictures.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I Guess I Never Knowed
1-2Jesus On My Side
1-3Hey Sad Stranger
1-4Devil's Train
1-5Holy Ghost
1-6Jesus Sure Changed Me
1-7Another Mornin' On The Road
2-1Wouldn't Go Back
2-2Parable Of The Sower
2-3Do You Think The World Is Up A Crick?
2-4Message To A Stranger
2-5I Searched And Found
2-6Prodigal Son