Singer In The King’s Service (Eden EDN-103) 1979



If you want rock-and-roll, it ain’t here. What you will find though is a fine collection of richly orchestrated pop, infectious soft rock and stirring ballads. Strings and horns are all over the place, but they enhance the songs rather than weigh them down. Within this 20-song two-disc studio set are such gems as the majestic title track, the intensely personal ‘Can’t You See Me?’, and the haunting ‘Appeal To A Dying Race’ (which borrows its classical melody from composer Henry Purcell). ‘New Wine’ (with Maynard Ferguson-esque trumpet squeals) and ‘Falling Star’ are connected by a gorgeous symphonic string passage. Deluxe packaging includes a gatefold cover, inner sleeves with photos, and a large poster lyric sheet with commentary on each song. See also New Jerusalem. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)




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01. Singer in the King’s service
02. Real with you
03. New wine
04. Falling star
05. Can’t you see me
06. Appeal to a dying race
07. Just to think about you
08. Measuring the distance
09. Bass drum
10. Song
11. Thankful for the sunshine
12. Color in my eyes
13. Every sign on the road
14. Picture show
15. Finally found love
16. I saw you in the mountains
17. So far to go
18. House on the ocean
19. Hallelujah Jesus loves me
20. Jesus never fails

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