This Time Thru (Lamb & Lion LL-1037) 1978



Regardless of what you think of their ‘80s and ‘90s arena ccm, this band’s first two albums stand as rock masterpieces. Ed DeGarmo experiments with an array of keyboards, citing Keith Emerson as a source of inspiration, while Dana Key balances out the sound with solid electric leads or subdued acoustic passages. It’s an FM ‘70s rock sound that combines the progressive keyboards of ELP and Kansas with the more bluesy likes of The Allman Brothers and Atlanta Rhythm Section. Whether it’s ‘Sleeper’ and the title track with their Southern rock leanings, the hard-edged classic rock of ‘Emmanuel’, the melodic country folk-rock heard on ‘Addey’, or the art rock-influenced ‘(Gone, Gone, Gone) Too Far, Too Long’ and ‘Chase The Wind’, This Time Thru stands as a very impressive beginning. Even ballads like ‘Only The Meek Survive’ and ‘Alleyways Of Strife’ steer clear of the sappy single routine via their rural heartland arrangements. All original songs save for a sleek bluesy interpretation of ‘Wayfaring Stranger’. Among the finest debuts in Christian music. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).




01 – Emmanuel
02 – Addey
03 – Only The Meek Survive
04 – Too Far Too Long
05 – Alley Ways Of Strife
06 – Sleeper
07 – Wayfaring Stranger
08 – In The Days Of Thy Youth
09 – Chase The Wind
10 – This Time Thru

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