I Am God’s Project (Birdwing BWR 2039) 1982


This album is a part of the Agapeland series and was nominated for the Best Children Album for the 1983 Grammy Award’s. I realize that this is a little outside the years of the Jesus Music, It is outside the normal realm of what I present here. However, many or most of us are parents or grandparents A few may even be reaching that great-grandparent location. One of the key responsibilities we have as Parents etc. is in the raising of our children, grandchildren, etc. to become Godly people. Nothing quite matches the feeling when one of our children make a decision to invite Jesus into their heart. Many of the albums of this time period were written by many of the same people who were releasing music in the Jesus Music scene. Some went on to produce and record music for the kids. For example Ernie and Debby Rettino had albums either as solo and as a couple. About 1980 they left the adult arena and as they became parents themselves start writing for their children and their friends. In the spirit of helping the youngest in our families grow in love and Jesus I will be adding some children albums. The messages are as important today as they were then. Some of these may just catch your interest too.    diakoneo




01 – G-L-Y-S-D-I
02 – I Am God’s Project
03 – Only God Can Count the Apples
04 – When It Rains Look For The Rainbow
05 – Bloom Where You are Planted
06 – Change You Thoughts
07 – The Size Of Your God
08 – Infinite Possibilities
09 – You Can Become The Person You Want To Be
10 – I Am God’s Project (Reprise)